Last month Hurricane Ida powered through Louisiana leaving a path of destruction and devastation along the way.  For Firefighter Chris Markey, what may have been a news headline for most of us unfortunately was a message of fear and uncertainty for Markey. Hurricane Ida rolled through his hometown of Luling, Louisiana and severely damaged his family’s home as well as many others in their tightknit community.

Through encouragement from the HFBA, what started as a need to help his own family turned into an opportunity to try and help as many people as possible in Luling. Due to the overwhelming generosity of our members and public at large that found out about his cross-country trek, he was able to donate food and much needed supplies to close to 50 families. “I am truly thankful for everyone coming together with such short notice, and our efforts really helped people in need.”

The HFBA is proud to have partnered with Firefighter Markey and expand our reach across state lines.  If you need assistance or identify an individual or cause that may benefit from our Association do not hesitate to contact us.